Our Flagship Home

The Calico Home is designed to grow. Built as an efficiency unit, this 160 square foot home was created to inspire a new generation of homeowners to think small (and in stages). Due to its stature and mobile features, the home is designed to scale from one to three units based on the owners needs.

Defined as a modular home, the Calico can grow as an owners needs do. With its flexible design the home can add in supplemental living space, a larger kitchen or bathroom, or can even be scaled to support office spaces or a retail component. With a kinetic lifetime in mind, the home will allow users the freedom to scale responsibly and at a pricepoint accessible to a diverse customer base.



Scaleable and stackable, our homes can grow or shrink to suit any needs by adding and subtracting entire containers.



Each section of the interior home
is adaptable to allow for user
change and progression.



You're free to move with ease– use a recommended transportation partner and travel to your new home worry free.