More than a box.

Katz Box, LLC is a Design-Build Company that produces adaptable micro-living systems housed in up-cycled shipping containers. Founded in early 2017 in Columbus, OH by Tobias Katz, Katz Box exists to change the spaces we live in to positively impact the ways we consume.

Katz Box was founded with a dedication to provide design innovation at an attainable price point for clients at all stages of their lives. We offer modular structures to both individuals and developers– shifting the perspective on community development by creating accessible options for a diverse range of markets.

We are creatives and problem solvers at heart, dedicated to being a dependable and disciplined presence in the housing and construction industry.

We are driven by our principles.

Katz Box was founded on and continues to grow with a number of our core principles. By adhering to these values, we believe that we can change the way we innovate long term, and redefine the way a design-centric company thrives.

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Universal Design

Good design is universal and available at any price point. All creations take into account design for ADA and language barriers. We design for a spectrum of people not an individual.

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There is always a best and most efficient way to success. We pledge to implement innovative techniques, to become reliant on renewable energy, to conserve water and to design for loss prevention and rapid production.

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Through the sourcing of our materials we believe we cannot take what we cannot return. With this we pledge to be a sustainability leader in the construction industry.

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Empowered Employment

We are centered around a strong and proficient team of individuals. Being founded by the children and grandchildren of progressive immigrant figures, we believe in their legacy of equality and opportunity.